Teeth Whitening

Having whiter teeth is the primary aesthetic concern of many patients.

What is Tooth Whitening?

Tooth whitening, sometimes referred to as bleaching, is a simple, non-invasive dental treatment used to change the colour of natural tooth enamel and can be an excellent way to enhance your smile.

Teeth can be whitened over a period of at home or in a single office visit.

Tooth whitening may be recommended for stained or discoloured teeth that have not responded sufficiently to professional cleaning. This is a safe procedure when done under the supervision of a qualified dentist.

Is an appointment really necessary?

Tooth whitening is not appropriate for everyone because it only works on natural tooth enamel. In very rare cases tooth whitening procedures can make some teeth look less aesthetic after the whitening process. It is therefore essential that you have your teeth professionally assessed prior to undertaking tooth whitening treatment. Replacement of any restorations will be done after whitening so that they will match the lighter shade of your teeth.

After evaluating your smile, Dr Peddey will tell you what to expect from your individual situation. In cases of extreme tooth discolouration, crowns or veneers may be the only choice, but because of the low cost of whitening treatments, whitening is nearly always worth a try.

Dr Mark Peddey offers Zoom or Opalescence in chair whitening systems . Some patients see results from as few as 45 minutes in the chair. Sometimes a Home Whitening System may be recommended if Dr Peddey believes the in chair system is unsuitable for your individual needs.

What is the Tooth Whitening process like?

Dr Mark Peddey recommends Professional – strength Opalescence home whitening treatments which bring beautiful, long lasting results. Dr Peddey or his dental hygienist will take an impression of your teeth so that a custom – made mouth tray can be made. This holds the bleaching gel close to your teeth.

Wearing the trays for 30 minutes to 2 hours everyday will gradually lighten the colour of your teeth. Opalesence Tooth Whitening Systems often provide results after just one night. Good results usually occur within two weeks.

The daily bleaching process can be continued until you are happy with the appearance of your teeth. It is not always possible though to achieve ‘white – white’ teeth. Dr Peddey will advise you on how long you should use the mouth tray each day and the duration of your overall treatment.

Dr Peddey will ask you to schedule short appointments during the time that you are using the treatment. The health of your gums can be checked during that visit. Any irritation that occurs is usually minor and settles once the treatment stops.

Keep Your Smile Bright

After you have whitened your teeth, keep your smile looking great by practicing good oral hygiene and brushing your teeth after consuming food or beverages that could stain them.

Tooth whitening is not permanent. A touch up may be needed every few years, and more often if you smoke, or if you drink tea, coffee or wine.


Dr Mark Peddey warns patients that some over the counter whitening preparations are very abrasive, and although they work in the short term, they can damage teeth with prolonged use. Dr Peddey does not recommend use of these treatments.

Ask Dr Peddey for a Smile Assessment to identify the best whitening treatment for your teeth today.