Bad Breath

Bad breath is most commonly caused by bacteria in the mouth which can be a result of gum disease (gingivitis) but is most often a natural result of one’s lifestyle.

We can provide a professional cleaning and an oral hygiene plan.

There are 2 root causes of bad breath, a lack of oxygen in the mouth or altering the normal chemical balance in the mouth.

The lifestyle habits that can encourage bad breath include smoking, irregular or poor oral hygiene, consumption of alcohol or certain medicines, or conditions such as chronic sinusitis or acid reflux. Some crash dieting or low carb diets can encourage the proliferation of chemicals called ketones that can cause bad breath.

It can be fixed through good oral hygiene which includes brushing the tongue and flossing. Generally mouthwashes are temporary fixes and won’t provide a long term solution.

We can help to remove existing plaque with a professional teeth cleaning and provide you with a good health plan to maintain healthy teeth and a healthy mouth.