Dr Mark Peddey offers a premium dental service which includes comprehensive general and cosmetic care.


My Philosophy

I believe that I have a professional responsibility to deliver the very best that dentistry has to offer.


Meet The Team

Their skills are integral to the world class dental service we offer and the comfort, care and convenience that you can expect from us.

Financial Policy

Easing your concerns

Studies show that the two leading sources of dental patient anxiety are the anticipation of pain and the financial aspects of their care. We are committed to easing both concerns.

Treatment Plans, Estimates and Guarantees

You will be happy to know that our fees are comparative with other practices in Melbourne providing similar standards of care.

Because we believe that there is a financial solution for everyone we are able to deliver the highest level of comprehensive care to all our patients.

All of the dental treatment done at Dentistry in Elwood is treatment planned. You can expect to be given an estimate of fees for your next treatment at the time of scheduling. All treatment completed by Dr Mark Peddey is guaranteed for up to 5 years so long as you allow us to monitor any changes in your oral health by keeping regular 6 monthly dental hygiene visits.

Dental Insurance and Preferred Providers

Dr Mark Peddey chooses not to be a preferred provider with any of the dental insurance funds however, we can process most dental insurance claims directly with your health fund on the day of treatment through HiCaps if you bring your dental extras card to your appointment.

You may wish to speak with the customer service office of your health fund to determine the details and limitations of your particular plan. Any gap between the fees charged and the rebate you receive from your health fund is payable on the day of treatment unless alternative arrangements were made at the time of scheduling.

In the event of us being unable to process your HiCaps payment, you will be required to pay for the treatment in full and we will provide you with an itemized receipt that will enable you to claim from your health fund directly.

Payment Arrangements

Payment is expected on the day of service and for your convenience, we accept cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.

Work in Progress payments can be made in advance or at the time of each phase of treatment. This is to be established at the time of scheduling.

Fees for children under 18 years remain the responsibility of the adult scheduling the appointment.

Making the most of our Payment Options

We are committed to removing unnecessary confusion and anxiety from the financial aspects of your care.

Our Patient Coordinator, Kristy is always happy to answer your questions or address any concerns you may have in regards to your recommended treatment. We recommend MacCredit Finance and DentiCare direct debit services to our patients.

DentiCare Payment Solutions
MacCredit Payment Solutions