Advanced Restorative Care

Dr Mark Peddey’s substantial clinical grounding and extensive experience in the planning and provision of advanced restorative care is fundamental to his success in the oral rehabilitation of his patients. At Dentistry in Elwood we recognize that the increased demand for these advanced treatments is reflective of changing patient expectations and acknowledgement of the lifestyle benefits of sound oral health and a smile that can be worn with confidence.

Aging and stress can cause teeth to become chipped, worn, weak, and discoloured. Broken down or missing teeth demand careful assessment and sometime complex reconstructive processes for predictable results. At Dentistry in Elwood, you can expect comprehensive surveying, diagnosis and treatment planning of your dentition prior to any restorative care. The purpose of restorative care is to comfortably return your dentition to a natural appearing or perfect aesthetic state. Teeth are restored with modern materials and techniques that re-establish the correct bio-functional properties and appearance of the mouth. At times this level of care requires a multi-discilplinary approach involving the care of specialists dentists.